The work of the Nottenkämper group of companies also includes recultivation and afforestation of the cultivated areas with seamless transition to the clay extraction and refill areas.

To this end, the Nottenkämper group of companies employs a specialized engineering office. In cooperation with the local forestry administration we pursue the target to create a stock of trees of the natural forest community. Instead of choosing  non-local coniferous forest, the local forestry administration and the Nottenkämper group of companies rely on modern afforestation when recultivating: deciduous forest and mixed forests rich in species. Already within a short period, the various growth rates of the mixed forest turn the landscape into an attractive local recreation area and create habitats for native species. Gartroper Busch is upgraded by increased biodiversity.

For recultivation the same soil is used as existing before the clay extraction, in this way its original composition is restored. The nature landscape should have minimal environmental impact, all work steps are adequately elaborated with regard to potential for environmental protection.

The height increase of the land incurred within the scope of backfilling and recultivation should not be optically emphasised by the subsequent replanting measures. To this end, taller trees and bushes are planted at the foot of the rise with smaller trees and bushes further up the slope. All in all, by selecting suitable local deciduous trees and bushes an increase in the percentage of deciduous plants can be attained in the Eichenallee area in comparison with the original state. Additionally created biotopes also offer a suitable habitat for the most varied types of flora and fauna. Once the recultivation has been completed, the land involved can present an attractive landscape for use as a leisure area by near-natural layout including embedded open spaces.