Naturpark Hohe Mark

We support the natural park „Naturpark Hohe Mark“ because this landscape zone with its natural resources enables our entrepreneurial action and we feel committed to responsible, forward-looking relationship with nature, landscape and people.
In accordance with the other actors of this region, we intend to create in the natural park a perceptible, attractive and exciting landscape full of suspense for future generations.

Naturpark Hohe Mark: Westmünsterland finds a new partner

In the natural park “Naturpark Hohe Mark – Westmünsterland“ an atmosphere of optimism actually prevails. In the years to come it aims to increase its attractiveness and clarity and its name will be a strong umbrella brand  for experiences in nature, culture and sports. This is also the goal of the new NaturparkPartners who were rewarded with certificates now.

In a ceremony in the information and visitors centre „Tiergarten Schloss Raesfeld“ the following conpanies and institutions were awarded a certificate:

  • Biologische Station Kreis Wesel e.V.
  • Biologische Station Zwillbrock e. V.
  • Gelsenwasser AG, Standort Wasserwerk Haltern am See
  • Nottenkämper OHG, Hünxe · Quarzwerke GmbH, Standort Haltern am See

The NaturparkPartner – they are 23 now – were selected by a committee of representatives from the areas natue, culture, active, gastronomy and tourism. Project manager Birgit Zimmermann explains: “Obviously it is essential that the nature park  can benefit from its partners, that their offers can enrich the territory and make a visit even more attractive“. “The network is growing“, declares Uwe Spelleken the managing director of the Association „Naturpark Hohe Mark – Westmünsterland“ enthusiastically. Therefore all three biological stations operating in the area of the natural park - including the two that were awarded the certificates now – are NaturparkPartner. “So their environmental education programmes can be presented to a broader audience.“

The NaturparkPartners were awarded their cerificates by Friedhelm Kahrs-Ude, head of Vestisches Umweltamt [environmental authoriy] of the district Kreis Recklinghausen. He emphasized: „We are particularly pleased that three mayor business enterprises, who as members have already been supporting the Naturpark financially and by their planned contribution to the Naturparkschau 2012 for some time, are now official partners of the Naturpark.

The search for partners of „Naturpark Hohe Mark Westmünsterland“ is not yet finished. Those who wish to contribute to the restoration of the Naturpark can still apply for it.  Friedhelm Kahrs-Ude explains: „I hope to find many more partners who actively work on the restoration of the Naturpark. Only a strong community integrating istself and its creativity will guarantee success.“