The roots of Nottenkämper date back more than 100 years. At that time, the company history started with carts to transport sand and gravel. The transport business is now concentrated in the company Nottenkämper Umweltdienste GmbH and provides the container service from the site Oberhausen.

Simultaneously and for nearly four decades, Hermann Nottenkämper GmbH & Co. KG has been engaged in clay extraction and in the subsequent backfilling of the clay pits at the Gartroper Busch Site (municipality Hünxe/Schermbeck).  Since the beginning of the 1980s several extraction and backfill areas have been operated consecutively or in parallel. Our present expertise in marketing the raw material clay and in recycling  mineral waste are based on long-time experience in this market segment.  The new clay pits are always filled with mineral substances (such as excavated earth, slag and ashes) and the area is recultivated and subsequently reforested with high-quality plant stock.

In 2015 we moved into our new company building at the Gartroper Busch site. Since then the administration of the clay marketing, the container service and the recycling division are located under the same roof. The relocation into up-to-date offices, social rooms, laboratories and working areas enables us to optimize processes and to bundle tasks in order to also meet  the requirements of our clients at best in the future.

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