Nottenkämper Clay Foundation

For nearly four decades the company Nottenkämper has been engaged in clay extraction at the „Gartroper Busch“ site, within the territory of the municipalities of Hünxe and Schermbeck. Once clay extraction has been terminated, the respective extraction areas are and will be refilled with mineral substances and reforested with high-quality plant stock. As the “Eichenallee“ site – also part of mentionned clay deposit area - has been opened up, the extraction and backfill activities will continue for decades.

The medium-sized family business is well aware of the fact that its business activities had an appreciable impact on the municipal districts of  Hünxe und Schermbeck throughout the last four decades and that the company will continue to have this spatially relevant impact also in the future. As a matter of course and in accordance with the legal provisions, public and private interests have always been taken into account by environmentally sound planning and a realisation to the required extent. Clay extraction is particularly justified by the statutory and overriding interest of raw materials extraction. There are, however, some burdens we cannot compensate for in this context, for example, the fact that the population is deprived of recreational uses of the land used for a longer period of time; moreover the citizens living in the region experience the change of their habitat passively without being able to exert themselves significant influence on decisions.

Additionally, we realize that environmental development and in particular sustainability with its importance for companies aiming at permanent balance and their relationsship to the space of regional authorities, where they primarily operate  their business, as well as the citizens‘ interests of use have increasing weight which is also reflected in our company philosophy.

The managing partners Bernhard Nottenkämper, Hans Günter Nottenkämper and Pia Nottenkämper, who have primarily defined the successful development of the companies for many years, feel obliged to protect nature and landscape; They are particularly dedicated to the sustainable development of the landscape of the Lower Rhine, where they grew up and where their company has built its success. Therefore they decided some years ago to establish a charitable foundation. The Ton-Stiftung-Nottenkämper [Nottenkämper Clay Foundation] established in 2014 by the handover of the Deed of Foundation by Frau Regierungspräsidentin Anne Lütges [President of the District Government], is inter alia to express our company philosophy which is aimed at sustainability and our sense of responsibility and therefore it should be emphazised in the sense of a unique feature meant to serve as an example. This is also reflected by Pia Nottenkämper, who is also a managing partner and great-granddaughter of the comnpany founder and who actively shapes the company‘ vision in the 4th generation.

Above all, the establishment of the Foundation by the company Hermann Nottenkämper GmbH & Co. KG pursues the aim of creating a basis for a good future of the foundation’s objectives which will be used by active people, institutions and in particular by associations in support of common welfare in the municipal districts of  Hünxe und Schermbeck and in the regional scenario of the Naturpark Hohe Mark. As a consequence, the positive profile and attractiveness of the municipalties Schermbeck and Hünxe but also the voluntary commitment in both municipalities shall be permanently strengthened and expanded.

Please find details of the Nottenkämper Clay Foundation here.

Photo: Handover of the Deed of Foundation by Frau Regierungspräsidentin Anne Lütges [President of the District Government]